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"Reading is the life saving waters of our mind. So, drink pure words as much as to need and remain alive!"
A good reading habit is a vital skill that students should possess. Reading provides experience through which an individual may expand horizons of knowledge and intensify interest and also gain deeper understanding of the world.
In recent times, lack of cultivating the habit of reading has been the concern for all the academicians and institutions. Reading habits of secondary school students should be given rapt attention, because of the eminent danger of losing its importance, in the era of information and communication technologies, where the use of social media sites, is the order of the day.
St. Paul Sr. Sec. Co-Ed School too organized conscious reading session for an hour on 9th Oct 2018, under the 'Padho Bhopal' Movement. The event was conducted for classes 6th to 12th with a purpose to make them avid readers. In all 1800 students brought interesting books, novel, magazines, newspapers, etc. in English and Hindi languages and read them with great ease and pleasure in the zero hour of the day.
Such events can arouse the interest of the students and could enhance their reading habits and can also make an individual learn to tackle the difficult situations of life.
It is believed that if a nation reads what is good with a good understanding, it gets good citizens who positively contribute for great nation building. So before this generation loses the wisdom – one advice "Read Books".

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