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St. Paul holds inter religious prayer service - 'Sangam'

Diversity is one thing we all have in common, across the globe – which envelops an entire world in it.
To celebrate a true image of unity in diversity St. Paul School conducted an inter religious prayer service 'Sangam' on 23rd Oct in context with the Pearl Jubilee celebration marching ahead.
School Manager Rev. Fr. James, School Principal Rev. Fr. Sebi, School Vice-Principals Fr. Peter and Ms. Rony Joy, School Councilor Rev. Fr. Shepherd, Fr. Joby, Secretary for Education and Rev. Fr. Antony were present for the programme. To grace the occasion Rev. Dr. Mathew V. C., Vicar General, Archdiocese of Bhopal was invited as the chief guest of this programme.
The song 'Tu hi ram hai…' was sung by the school choir, set the tone for the morning prayerful invocation, followed by the lighting of lamp of wisdom and goodness prevailing in everyone's life.
The distinguished panel of religious scholars were invited to deliver the preaching of various religions like Christianity, Sikhism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islamic and Jainism. Through these inter religious verses the value of religious tolerance, communal harmony, brotherhood, justice, love and above all humanity was inherited by the young minds.
Highlighting the faith in God by following different religions portrayed the importance of selfless service towards mankind. "All religions are gems of peace", this vibrant faith brings individuals from different backgrounds together. As the essence of all religions is one, only their approaches are different so the reading from different sacred books by the students made up a garland of innumerable flowers depicting unity in diversity. Such prayer service binds community together in a unique way.
The Shloka recital, hymns, shabads, etc. were the seeds of unity sowed by our ancestors which was watered and nurtured by the Pauline students.
The only aim of this confluence was to move towards one destination of peace, calmness, brotherhood and fraternity by paying reverence to each other and spreading the message of love and humanity.
The chief guest Rev. Dr. Mathew V. C, while addressing the gathering spoke that there is only one God, He is the creator of all. He said that we are not only biological beings but also spiritual beings. He wants every individual to eradicate sufferings by following the path of humanity and love. He stressed that one needs to replace the words like I, Me, Myself from the world and focus on the words like We and Us.
The message which we extract is that humanity is the only religion one must follow, as God is one and we as human beings following different religions gave 'Him' various names. By following the path of good thoughts, good deeds one can decorate his life with beautiful colours.

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