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A two day orientation programme on the "Accountability Culture" was organized for teachers as well as for the parents in the St. Paul Campus on 30th June and 1st July 2018 respectively.

Mr. Surya Narain Bahadur, Executive Director, Confluence was the resource person for the orientation programme. Mr. Surya emphasized on the fact that "Trust is the back bone of high performing team."

The workshop involved recreational and thought provoking videos based on culture of accountability. Mr. Surya focused on TEAM MAN SHIP, he mentioned that when team members consistently demonstrate ownership and accountability, trust is developed between them.

For the next day the programme was exclusively designed for parents and it was split into morning and afternoon sessions where parents of primary students from classes I to V were invited for the morning session. Similarly, middle, secondary and senior students' parents joined the afternoon session which was totally based on parent – child relationship, techno crazy generation, child behavioural pattern and adolescent imbroglio. He also emphasized upon the four P's necessary for being a result oriented parent, where P stands for Punctuality, Patience, Participation and Purity. Further he also explained four types of parenting i.e., Authoritarian parents, Authoritative parents, Permissive parents and Passive parents.

Overall response of the parents was quite encouraging as everybody felt it to be very fruitful and also an eye opener. Many tips for dealing with the adolescent suggested by the resource person were appreciated very much by the parents.

The sessions were very interactive, engaging and insightful.

The resource person Surya Narain also displayed several videos and conducted many group activities to demonstrate the powerful impact of creating a culture of accountability where people consistently produce organizational success, human fulfillment and the creation of real value.

The workshop concluded with the National Anthem.

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