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Personal Hygiene Day
Personal Hygiene Day was celebrated on 8 September 2018. 
The following programmes were conducted in the school campus on that day. 

 1.Dental check-up camp for the staff
 It was a great opportunity for the staff to undergo an oral hygiene check-up in the school campus itself. The programme was conducted by Denasia, one of the largest chain of Dental clinics. The awareness camp included a complete oral hygiene check-up of employees and their family members. Every individual was also entitled to get a gift voucher of Rs. 2000 which could be used in any branch of Denasia ESi clinics. 

 2.Seminar on Dental care
 A seminar on dental care was held for classes III and IV. The resource person was Dr. Prashant Tripathi, CEO of Denasia, a Dental hospital. In his interaction with the students he explained and demonstrated the correct way of brushing. Through his talk he reiterated about the ways by which tooth cavities can be prevented. He also shared his concern about consumption of tobacco and its side effects.

 3.Seminar for girls
 The seminar was conducted for the girls of classes V to X. The resource persons were from the school teaching staff. They updated the girls about the importance of health & hygiene. Girls were adviced to take proper diet. Proper personal hygiene during periods was stressed.

 4.Seminar for boys
 With the help of power point presentation the boys were updated with health & personal hygiene. They were advised to have a healthy balanced diet. The boys were exhorted not to feel depressed regarding their physical appearances and cautioned them not to get struck in the web of social media.

 5.Spreading awareness about clean nails 
The programme was conducted in all the sections of classes I & II. Through power point presentation the students were made aware of the importance of short and clean nails. The teachers explained them about how they could protect them from various diseases if their nails are clean and tidy.
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