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Teachers' Day Speech 2018 

Good morning to all my beloved teachers and my dear students.

Teachers affect eternity; no one can tell where their influence stops.

The light of the world, the beacon in the dark and the hope that gives us the strength to survive is, our teachers. Today as we celebrate Teachers' Day, a day set aside to honour the gifted souls, who work every day to make sure that the future is bright for all of us. Let us welcome all the teachers with a big round of applause.

Teachers are our nation builders, the strength of every profession in our country grows out of the knowledge and skills that teachers help to instill in our children. Thus teaching is the mother of all professions; if not the teachers neither will I be standing here, nor will you be sitting there. On this beautiful joyous occasion, let us take the opportunity to convey our wishes and express our gratitude to all our teachers, who have given impeccable contribution in shaping us. Teachers constitute an indispensable human resource and the single most important element in the education. The teacher has become the pivot on which every educational development hinges. However and to whatever levels and extent the technology may develop, the teachers' role is indispensable, irrefutable, irreplaceable and irreducible.

The world is changing, and changing fast. Today's world is awash in information, Prompted by massive revolutions in knowledge, information technology and multitude of print and electronic sources. In view of this, every aspect of our life is changing and education is no exception. The millennial generation of learners here before me was born with technology. Smart Phones, mobiles, laptops and I-pods are not really gadgets, for these people but necessities they were born with.

I don't think anybody has taught you like in a class, the usage of these gadgets, but you just learn to use them and you use it. You just imagine about your parents and teachers and me here, we need to learn it from others, even to operate a smart phone, that is the difference between the generations and times.

In the traditional class room, the teacher was playing the role of a dispenser (like water/coffee dispensers) dispensing the knowledge to the students like a 'sage on the stage'. However because of the access to information and educational opportunity that technology has enabled, in many classrooms today we feel the teacher's role, shifted to the 'guide on the side'. Yes, I mean it, 'guide on the side' as students are better equipped to take more responsibility for their own learning, using technology to gather relevant information. Schools across the country are beginning to redesign learning spaces to enable this new model of education by 'fostering more interaction' and 'small group work' using technology as an enabler.

Teaching is a very responsible career and whoever chooses it, must be committed, dedicated and devoted. Speaking about teachers, the Bible says, "You are the salt of the earth; but if salt has lost its taste, how can it be made salty again? It has become useless. It can only be thrown away and people will trample on it". (Mathew 5:13). In this way we are reminded of the tremendous responsibilities of the teachers.

Each one of us here has definitely passed through the hands of scores of teachers during the course of our education. It may be practically impossible for any of us to recall the names of each of them. However we will never forget some of them because of the impact they made on us. They are our idols and ideals and we worship them as we feel that what we are today is mainly because of their guidance and inspiration. We might even recall some names, that might give us some goose bumps too. This tells us that what type of teachers we should try to be. As the famous quote goes – "The mediocre teacher tells, the good teacher explains, the superior teacher demonstrates and the great teacher inspires".

Let us ask and asses ourselves as "How Effective Teacher" we are. If we analyse, we could be remembered because you are; - master of the subject; - you are an excellent communicator; - one who understands students and their feelings; - one who is impartial; - one who clarifies and explains all the doubts of the students; - one who is a good human being; one who inspires the students. If I ask you, students, you may have an assessment of the teachers sitting here and you might even define the teachers in terms of that. And I don't think the teachers sitting here don't have to lose heart if you get an evaluation or assessment lower than what you have expected. With continuous efforts, a strong will and determination you can become an effective, inspiring teacher to whom the humanity will be eternally indebted and one whom students will always remember, as an effective as well as an inspiring teacher.

Whatever happens have a 'hip pocket skill'. Make yourself valuable. People should look at you and say; "You know on this particular issue, the only person who can answer it or can contribute to it, is you", because if they know that you have the competence that nobody else has, you become more valuable. So make yourself valuable and of worth.

Please remain a lifelong student, don't lose that curiosity embedded in you. Leave that damn crown, the pretension that you are the master/ you know everything in the garage. Help others rise. Greatness comes, not from a position, but from helping others to build the future.

Whatever you do throw yourself into it. Throw your head, heart and hands into it. Look at any job not as a job, look at it as a calling, as a passion.

Thank you teachers for the wonderful persons that you are.

Thank you teachers for becoming the pillars of the society.

For becoming the pillar of this institution, and the very resource of this educational edifice.

Thank you teachers for becoming the persons that you are worth and making the society its worth.

Wish you teachers all the happiness and joy you deserve and desire. May your wishes and dreams be realized.

Dear teachers, we are grateful to all of you and would be, forever.

Happy Teachers' Day. Have a wonderful day.

God Bless.

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