St. Paul Senior Secondary Co-Ed School,Bhopal
Affiliated to CBSE Delhi,No.1030115
St. Paul School holds on to the educational philosophy of “To Learn is to Change”. The human organism is impelled to action provided that interest and curiosity are generated or a challenging situation is created. Basically, to act is to experience and experiment. Every action leads to a change not only to the relief of disturbances but to a new motivation to act or to reconstruct experience, breeding new truths as well as dilemmas and paradoxes. All these actions and their consequences enable the actor to arrive at conclusions that call for commitment to act on the convictions so achieved and a change in the individual. To achieve these goals of effective and positive behavioural changes in the pupils, St. Paul School has a number of imaginative, students friendly, action-centered and value based programmes. These types of creative and innovative activities organized frequently in the school reflect the educational philosophy of the institution: “To Learn is to Change” which is imprinted in its motto: “WALK IN WISDOM”.
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