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'The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man'; one of the favourite quotes, from George Bernard Shaw. Most of the inventions / discoveries are the outcomes of an unreasonable hypothesis; began with an unreasonable situation.

Yes, contrary, when you tread through the world 'we need to be pragmatic and rational' as Karl Marx would put it. Jesus would say, 'Be as intelligent (wise) as serpents and as innocent as doves'. True, foolish risks would lead to difficult consequences. So everybody would say be careful, be prudent and wise.

But, don't be so scared of failures and disappointments in life that would fail you to dream. If you are so reasonable, practical and sensible you may not be able to take a step forward instead, if you act the other way, you will find opportunities everywhere, even where others are dumpfounded and go crazy; you would find opportunities knocking at the door. Remember critics have always laughed at the visions of bold thinkers and remarkable visionaries. But every outstanding bit of human progress was achieved through the heroic efforts of someone who was bold and was told, their idea was practically impossible or bizarre.

True, the world needs more dreamers unreasable souls, who fight the urge to be ordinary, who resist the seduction of complacency and do the things differently. They are the people who prefer unbeaten paths, they cut their roads, make their own ways. Yes, you can be one of them; begin today; dream, dream high and work hard to realize these dreams.

Learn and be courageous to say, no to short cuts and easy ways that come in plenty and always at your reach. Instead open your doors to opportunities, certainly to bold remarkable dreams, visions and thoughts. 

As we begin the new academic year we have reasons to be happy and blessings to count. Our outstanding result and various achievements; our presence have become not only noticeable, but the impact is commendable. I take this opportunity to thank the hardworking, committed and cooperative faculty, our supportive parents and enthusiastic student community. We have miles to go before we take pride in these achievements. So let us march ahead with one soul and one mind, and act in unison. All the best and God's blessings as we welcome the new academic year.

God bless.

Fr. Sebi Edattukaran CMI

'Ask not what the country can do for you,
Instead ask what you can do for your country.'
Courtesy 'Greatness Guide 2' by Robin Sharma

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